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  • 6 May
  • 2018

2018 International Conference of Enlightenment in wisdom and knowledge

On the 3rd to 5th of May 2018 CIP Nekede held her second international conference of Enlightenment in Wisdom and Knowledge titled Philosophy, Law and Politics. 
The program began on the 2nd day of May 2018 with the arrival of participants at the event. On the 3rd of May 2018 the conference kicked off  officially with the celebration of the holy mass  graced by the provincial superior of the Claretian missionaries East Nigerian province , Very Rv. Fr. Simon Okezuo Nwobi, CMF at exactly 6:00am with  Fr. Prof. George Emeka Ekwuru, CMF, the rector of the institute, Fr. Dr. Elias Nwokeke, CMF, the vice-rector of the institute,  Fr. Stanley Ogarakwu, CMF, the prefect of students, Fr. Kenneth Oguejiofor, CMF, Fr. Henry Osuagwu, CMF, the bursar of the institute and Fr. Raphael Uzoekwe,CMF as concelebrating priests. 
The conference program which was held at the CIP auditorium began at 9:00am with an   Opening prayer led by Fr. George Ekwuru and the National and CIP anthems sung. Fr. Emmanuel Ukata, was introduced as the master of ceremony, which lead to the calling up of the high table members for the day; Fr. Prof. George Ekwuru  (The chairman),  Fr. Prof. Marcel Izu Onyeocha (The first lead paper presenter at the conference) and Fr. Kenneth Oguejiefor (The moderator). The rector of the institute Fr. Prof. George Ekwuru read his welcome address and the Keynote address of Fr. Prof. Marcel Onyeocha, was presented titled ‘The Role of Philosophy in Human Development and Nation Building’. In his paper, he stated that the role of philosophy is to promote common good and human development which begins at conception, further more he proposed that the climax of human development is ‘Education’. When skilled education is gotten, it also develops the nation. A well synthesized moderation was given by the moderator Fr.  Kenneth Oguejiefor, closing prayer was by led Fr. Elias Nwokeke and a tea break was given.
 At 11:35am the second phase of the program of the day began with an opening prayer led by Fr. Ukaonu Ambrose (The chairman). The moderator Fr. Henry Ebo, and the presenter of the second lead paper Prof. Obasi Igwe were all welcomed to the high table. The theme of his paper was ‘Philosophy and Natural Question in Nigeria’; in his paper he lamented on the transfer of a catholic university from Igbo land to Abuja, he also appreciated the Claretian Institute of Philosophy for the efforts they are making to award degree to students. He advised that the present government should step aside and an acting government should be selected that will call for national conference for the purpose of restructuring Nigeria before any election can be carried out. According to him, industries should be established in Nigeria and not churches that contributes little or no good to the nation. After his paper a synthesized moderation was presented by the moderator Fr. Henry Ebo, few questions were entertained after which closing prayer was led by Fr. Ukaonu Ambrose at 1:35pm which lead to lunch and break. 
At 4:42pm, three lead papers were presented from Fr. Ukaonu Ambrose, paper titled ‘Politics and Religious Undertone, Dr. Stephen Oguji paper titled on ‘Religious and Human Development; The Blessings and The Curse’ and Sis. Jane Samuel Okoro, DMMM, paper titled ‘Negative Impact of Self-employment to The Nigeria Economy’. After each presentation brief moderation and questions followed .The program of the day came to an end after a brief vote of thanks was issued and closing prayer by Fr. Elias Nwokeke at exactly 6:46pm.
The conference on the second day began with an opening prayer at 8:00am, Fr. Stanley Ogarakwu was introduced as the master of ceremony, which lead to the calling up of the high table members; Fr. Kenneth Oguejiofor (Chairman), Fr. Matthew Okechukwu (Moderator) and the lead paper presenter Prof. Pat Utomi on the theme ‘Philosophy, Politics, Legitimate and Performance; The Challenges of Citizenry and Performance’. In his paper he defined leadership as having knowledge and having the sense of service, at the end of his paper a pithy was made of his paper by the moderator Fr. Matthew Okechukwu few questions were receive, after which a brief chat was given to the participants as they all awaited the presence of the next speaker. 
The second presentation of the day began at 10:55am with the chairman as Fr. Prof George Ekwuru and Fr. Stephen Kalu as moderator and the lead paper presenter, his Excellency Mr. Gregory Peter Obi(con) the ex governor of Anambra state  titled ‘Politics, Human Development and Good Governance. According to him, human development is measured by Human Development Index (HDI) and Nigeria is 152nd out of 185th countries in the world, he stated the statistical quotient of Nigerians economy comparing, Furthermore he affirmed that the problem of Nigeria should not be leveled against the government but to all of us because we all contribute to the state of affair of the nation yet. A succinct moderation was given by the moderator, many questions were entertained and an award of merit was presented to him by the rector of the institute Fr. Prof. George Ekwuru, after which the Claretian Gregorian choir entertained the guests with a melodious song.
The third presentation of the day kicked off immediately, with the introduction of the chairman as Fr. Henry Ebo CMF, the moderator Dr. Oguji Stephen and the lead paper presenter Prof. Chukwumaeze Uche on the theme ‘The Nigeria Legal System, Rule of Law and Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria’, his presentation was accompanied with a concise moderation by Dr Stephen oguji, questions were taken after which the school Ogene group had a cultural display to entertain the guests and closing prayer was led by Fr. George Ekwuru at 1:45pm at which Lunch and break followed.
At 4:20pm another phase of the conference began with the presentation of various parallel papers like Same Sex Marriage; Homosexuality, the Hope of Our Society by Fr.  Ibe Chumba Anthonymark, The Place of Martin Huber’s Social Philosophy in Nigeria’s Social Political Society by Fr. Henry Ebo and Political Advancement in Nigeria, and The Role of Religion by Dr. Vitalis Okpara amongst other papers. The parallel papers came to an end at 6; 00pm thus the international conference came to an end and all departed on the 5th of May 2018.
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