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  • 25 Nov
  • 2018

CIP celebrates Solemnity of Christ the king

The program for the 34th Sunday in ordinary time (solemnity of Christ the king) on the 25th day of November, 2018. Began at exactly 6:30am with the Morning Prayer (lauds) at the chapel of Babastro, CIP after which the celebration of the Holy mass which began at 7:00am with Rev. Fr. Henry Osuagwu as the principal celebrant together with Frs.; Kenneth Oguejiofor, Elias Nwokeke, Ralph Uzoekwe, Stan Ogaraku, and a chapel full of worshipers.
First reading was taken from the book of Daniel 7:13-14, responsorial psalm was taken from Psalm 92:1-2,5, second reading was taken from the book of Apocalypse 1:5-8, and the gospel reading was taken from the gospel of St John 18:33-37
The homilist Rev. Fr. Henry Osuagwu urged the congregation to always bear in mind that Christ’s authority is above every other authority on earth and beyond the earth, and so at the mention of his name we ought to bow our head in reverence as expected of us Christians.
 The post communion prayer was said at 9:23am, few announcements and directives for the procession were given. The procession began with a brief adoration in the chapel, and thus the people of God set out to proclaim Christ as the King of kings, led by the processional crucifix bearer, followed by the faithful, the seminarians, priests, the principal celebrant bearing the sanctissimum, and all knights present. 
The people of God all danced and sang to God, proclaiming Him as the King of kings, from the chapel of Babastro, round the compound up to the retreat center where the final part of the adoration which began in the chapel was said and the final blessing was given by the principal celebrant with the Sanctissimum which brought the activity for the day to an end at about 10:30am.